BringingTheReal.com was started by me, Motto. I decided to use my artist name and not my real name but I am sure everyone will find out my real name sooner or later. I decided to create BringingTheReal.com because I felt that there are not a lot of websites that let intellectual people give solid opinions on certain subjects. Instead, they just state whatever is told to them.

The world has become less creative and therefore there are less leaders, less individuals and more followers. I want to show that if people use their brains then better opinions can be formed through their own findings and intellectual patterns instead of what is regurgitated to them through different media outlets. My website will bring to you certain subjects that mold our culture: MUSIC, MOVIES, POETRY, SPORTS, and POLITICS.

The music I create has a message and I want to continue broadcasting that message through this site. Big businesses and people who feel bigger, continue to try and make things harder for little people – those who cannot speak their minds without being attacked.

To summarize, I believe that news is watered down, music barely speaks to us, movies have become more violent, sports have become corporate and poetry/art are no longer a staple in our society.

At BringingTheReal.com, contributors and myself will bring you everything raw and uncut. In addition, I will provide promotion to independent artists by having an ARTISTS OF THE WEEK segment on the home page every week. I will shine light on the people that the world has decided to keep in the dark.

We are NOT the average website. WE ARE BRINGINGTHEREAL.COM!