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Hip Hop has always been apart of my life, ever since i was a young child, i began rapping a long with every song my dad would play. As i became older and around the age of 15 i began to try and rap. Words would just pop in my head and i would just go with it and began freestyling. I began freestyling for my friends and soon began battling people around my town. 5 years ago i began to take my skill more seriously. A lot of these 5 years i would make music and try to put my name out there as best as possible but nothing ever worked out. I’ve even changed my name twice, not knowing which direction to take my talents. The birth of my son has given me more drive, i have changed my name for the last time and i am more focused than ever. I will never stop until i reach my goal. Stay tuned for more music, videos, and blogs as i will keep you updated in my life at all times. PEACE and LOVE to all..

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